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1981-1984 Sedan Deville Brown Interior

Started by smokuspollutus, March 28, 2023, 12:15:22 PM

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Hi guys,

Looking to convert my 1983 Deville to a cloth interior. I am looking for the brown cloth ribbed seats used from 1981-1984. I would also consider deVille d'Elegance seats in brown. Door panels are a plus but not a necessity.

Full bench is a big plus, but will also make due with a 60/40 split bench or 50/50 d'Elegance.

Seats must have no damage/tears/burns/etc. and little to no wear issues. They must also be from a 4 door sedan, as the 2 door back seat is different.

Let me know what you have or if you know of a car being parted with a brown cloth interior.





Photo for reference of style & color (dark brown). Split bench shown, but full bench is preferred, as that is what my car currently has and I will only be in need of the skin at that point.


Still looking, anyone have one or find a car someone is parting out?

P. Manoogian

I am parting out an 85 Fleetwood Brougham. It has a nice tan leather interior.
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Hi, just saw your post and replied. My interior is a dark brown but I would be in need of some other things I mentioned on there. Thanks!


Still looking. Ironically a set of these seats appeared on my local Facebook marketplace-but of course they're for a coupe!


Still looking. Anyone have a brown cloth interior? Facebook marketplace surfers find anyone parting one?

Cadillac Nut

I'll keep an eye out but honestly I think the brown ribbed cloth is pretty rare, I haven't seen it


Quote from: Cadillac Nut on November 21, 2023, 11:26:48 AMI'll keep an eye out but honestly I think the brown ribbed cloth is pretty rare, I haven't seen it

Thanks! I would also be willing to expand the search to Fleetwood Brougham cloth seats (base or d'Elegance) as long as they're brown velour.