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Started by michigan66custom, December 16, 2021, 12:49:44 PM

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rebuilding a 67 engine to swap into my 66. Im wondering if theres any good online places that offer most of what i need rather than cherry pick around on several pages. Any advise on parts I should look into? New water and oil pump, gasket kit, headjob, piston rings and bearings. looking to make this thing right. Any brands to avoid? thanks for all the wisdom

Ive read alot about oil pump covers and being bad? Is this really a problem? Any way to check to verify mine is good before i put the engine together and put in the car?

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There were some changes for 67 that a 66/67 expert would have to let you know to make sure none of them will be an issue making the swap.   67 was supposed to be the debut of the 472 but they pushed it back a year to complete the million mile testing.  One difference I know of was the intake was made for a Quadrajet.  The heads were also different because they used the pedestal rockers that the 472 ended up with.   Not sure if any of those changes prevent swapping.

The oil pump timing cover issues are better covered in the Buick world.  Basically the main body of the oil pump is the aluminum timing cover so if/when it wears the whole cover needs to be replaced.   At one time there were people bushing the Buick covers, not sure if that is an option for the Cads or not.    I think there is also a possible issue with one of the water pump bolts caused by the dissimilar metals between the block, bolt, cover, and water pump.   The covers often get damaged dealing with that one stuck bolt. 

On the 472 they fixed the oil pump issue by making the engine block the pump cover and the main body of the pump was an external part.   Many other makes the oil pumps were a bolted on assembly.   
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depends what U R looking for.   Engine rebuild kits are available.   other parts, etc.   
I always think it best to keep the engine the same if possible, but not always possible/available.   There's engine reman out there too.   Either swap for core or do yours.   If don't want to tackle.   Finding a good local engine shop should be an asset.