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1949 Limousine Repairs Finally Underway!

Started by jaxops, December 20, 2020, 09:24:14 AM

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Quote from: jaxops on June 11, 2022, 10:23:04 AMNew carpet in the rear compartment.  Snaps were installed as in the originals to be able to remove the carpet around the jump seats if necessary.IMG_2118.JPG

Rear seat and door panels will be sent out in July 2022 for recovering.

Beautiful Car! Where did you source the carpet for your car? I am looking for carpet for my 1949 Series 75 and can't seem to find it listed anywhere.


Jeff Hansen

The original series 75 rear compartment carpet was called Mosstred carpeting.  This was just mohair fabric glued over a rubber backing material.  Easily made once you find the color of mohair fabric you want to use.  The carpet used in the front compartment depended on the sub-series (IE, series 7519X, 7523X, 7533X, or a livery model - 7523L, 7533L).

Jeff Hansen
1941 6019S Sixty Special
1942 7533 Imperial Sedan