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2006 XLR $25,000 Green Bay WI

Started by Bryan J Moran, January 30, 2023, 03:38:11 PM

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Bryan J Moran

2006 Cadillac xlr Convertible 2D
Listed 25 weeks ago in Green Bay, WI


Driven 41,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Burgundy · Interior color: Tan
Fuel type: Gasoline
15.0 MPG city · 23.0 MPG highway · 18.0 MPG combined
Excellent condition
Seller's Description
Adult driven and only in fair weather. Fully maintained, clean history and always stored indoors. Future collector car and increasing in value.

James Landi


That appears to be "the going market price."for a lower mileage example.  These are amazing cars,durable and well engineered, but owing to their complexity and short supply of used and after market parts, owning one can be anxiety producing. The good news is that there are so few of them, that you always engage in conversation with strangers---even more so, if you happen to be using the top mechanism if you're parked where pedestrians happen to be passing--lots of wow factor-- other good news is that the ride is extraordinary-- quiet, ultra smooth and very refined... I've  owned a Jaguar, and it wants to be driven fast and hard.  The XLR is a "grand touring car"--- in some respects,not a sports car. I urge all Cadillac enthusiasts to test drive an XLR... it's a truly memorable experience.  James 


James is spot on in his descriptions, as I own one too.

Of all the cars this old guy has driven over the years, I can honestly say I truly love this car.

Putting up or down of the top is = ORIGOMI, to hide it in the trunk, that maybe has room for a box of Kleenex when its down.

Unlike James (I wept when he sold his car (blue I think?) - soul bros. in XLRs), I never intend to sell mine (red like the one for sale).

Don't believe it isn't a sports car - I drive mine like I stole it - and challenge the local rice rockets - when it's safe, naturally.

Have fun,
Steve B.
S. Butcher

James Landi


It was a sad day, but the local GM dealer offered me a deal I could not refuse--- a nice fat check for nearly what I paid for the XLR five years previously. It sold within a week's time for more than I paid for it in 2015. Kristina and I still miss it, but there was far too much anxiety for a 77 year old geezer to be driving such an extraordinary car (driving it as if it were a Fleetwood). We substituted with a low mileage '88 Allante, and I've had some great experiences "wrenching" on it... employing the parts and advice, and services from Dick Hussey and Johnny Monzo.  The first generation Allantes are "less Cadillac" and more "Italian" in terms of ride and driving dynamics, so in the twilight of my remaining years, this compromise Allante feels fine.  However, for anyone who's reading this, carve out some time and test drive an XLR... it's extraordinary and memorable  in so many ways.  James   (Steve, I tried to return PM you, but your CLC mailbox was full several weeks ago)

James Landi

Steve,  I wrote you another PM, and it was rejected,again (your mail box is full or so says your virtual mailbox)  James