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1962 Cadillac 390 Fan Clutch Removal

Started by 1962 CDV, February 01, 2023, 04:03:01 PM

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1962 CDV


I need to replace the fan clutch on my 1962 Coupe Deville. I removed the four bolts holding the clutch/fan assembly to the pulley, but it won't slide off. Does this procedure require a special tool?


D. Rushin
Reno, NV


It is only about a half inch stud into the clutch. Might need light tapping.
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1962 CDV

O.K. So there's no threads or pins or anything holding it on. I'll try using a hammer this evening. Thanks!

1962 CDV

Hey! A little PB Blaster and some taps with a hammer did the trick! The clutch came right off. Thanks!