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    I want to thank every one that has giving advice on the 79 yo 85 Eldorado . I have always like these cars . Now I am convinced to stay away from them . What a shame . Such a good looking car with not much going on under the hood . No wonder you do not see to many at shows or even on the road .
    Thank you ,
For Sale - Cars / Re: 41-6267D convertible
Last post by k8096 - Yesterday at 08:29:45 PM
Paint code 57 is Monica Blue Metallic.  Fairly rare color. 
For Sale - Parts / Re: 1942 Cadillac front & rear...
Last post by Tinwolf - Yesterday at 08:01:45 PM
Hi Mike !
Im looking for a 1942 Cadillac rear bumper , do you still got the bumpers for sale ?
Best regards Ulf Christiansson 
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 62 - Losing power above 45...
Last post by bcroe - Yesterday at 07:41:22 PM
Do check timing chain slack if the original
has not been replaced.  Bruce Roe
I realise that you know this, but, when tightening these screws, use a teeny-weenie screw driver, with grease on your fingers so you cannot overtighten.   Don't think I have ever seen a torque wrench small enough to cater for these tiny screws.

At least, they won't come undone as I think the only rough roads the car will be traversing is going to be one of carpet. ;)

Bruce. >:D
Mine had clips at both sides, right at the ends, so I made sure that I didn't spring from the middle of the sides, but the ends of the sides.   Should have mentioned that.

From memory, to remove the panel all the way, I had to remove the globe, and carefully release the clips from the holder.

Bruce. >:D
For Sale - Parts / Ninety Years of Fleetwood Book
Last post by druby - Yesterday at 06:46:02 PM
Book overview
Never before offered to the general public, this lavish large format volume details the history of the Fleetwood automobile custom body building company. Chapters include The Pennsylvania Years;
Body by Fleetwood, Chassis by; Detroit and the Classic Era; The Postwar Years; Custom Body Terminology; Pre-War General Motors Production;
Cadillac Fleetwood Production. Published in a limited edition on the finest paper and to the highest publishing standards this volume is by the late Tom Bonsall one of America's foremost automotive historians. Contains "Designer's Scale Drawings of Cadillac V-16 Body Types" in a pouch inside the back cover.
For Sale $125.00 + shipping

Restoration Corner / Re: Carl 61 Fleetwood Phyllis
Last post by Clewisiii - Yesterday at 06:16:28 PM
I packaged all the stainless that will need to be polished. This will be thousands to get them professionally mirror polished. IMG_20231204_180505496.jpg

All the parts that will need to be painted are set aside. I will need to strip and sand them. Two parts are aluminum and will need to be polished and anodized first.

For Sale - Parts / Re: 1941 Parts for Sale
Last post by Bob Hoffmann CLC#96 - Yesterday at 05:42:30 PM
Please send me a email directly to This is regarding a 41 center hood strip.
 Thanks, Bob
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 62 - Losing power above 45...
Last post by dixoncj - Yesterday at 04:10:50 PM
Quote from: Michael Petti on Yesterday at 01:19:42 PMHas issues like that in my 60 CDV and problem was low fuel pump pressure and vacuum leaks. I think ideal pressure was 6ish for these. I measure the fuel pump pressure with a gauge without the FPR. If the pressure insufficient remove it, you don't need it. Tackle these issues one at a time and test in-between to be able to gauge the results of each modification.

Will do.
I took off the FPR and no change. Then put dwell just back just like it was before I added the FPR and no change. The issue is still this loss of power and seeking between 35 and 40MPH. It almost seems like it's a 3rd to 4th gear shift issue - which would suck. Will be investigating further when I get fuel pressure gauge tonight or tomorrow. Will also check for vacuum leaks.
Added wisdom welcome.