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1942 or not?

Started by Jimi Peoples, February 24, 2014, 10:52:35 PM

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Jimi Peoples

I have an old Cadillac that has been in the barn for years. It belonged to grandfather. I'm confused and not sure what year it is. On the driver side I found a plate that has:

Would this mean it is a 42' 61 series?

If so why don't I have the leaf emblem? It is the V


Jim Peoples
1942 Series 6107

C.R. Patton II

Hello Jim

Welcome to the CLC Forum.

These are the coded answers to your question:
(1) 1942 Cadillac 6107 Production 2,470
(2) Cost $1450
(3) Trim 31 Tan
(4) Paint 2   Antoinette Blue

I would like to invite you to become a member of our national organization and a region near your residence. You can learn firsthand about your ancestor's car.  Unsure of where you are located and the condition of the Cadillac.  Due to Pearl Harbor, 1942 was a low automobile manufacture year. It is a rare and desirable prewar vehicle.
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Bob Hoffmann CLC#96

CR answered most of your questions. I'll answer the last one. In 1946 the V's were offered. People could NOT wait to put them on prewar Cadillacs. 42's were a favorite with car dealers so they could make them look like 46's.
What's on your deck lid?
HTH, Bob
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Steve Passmore

I can confirm what Bob has said, even my 41 had a 'V' attached when I found it.  The car in the picture is without doubt a 1942, the only year with the round side lights in the grill.

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Jeff Rose CLC #28373

It may be worth more than the original $1450 now I think.
Jeff Rose
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