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General Discussion / Re: Time Lapse 390 Caddy Engine Rebuild
« Last post by KOKNEYELDO on Today at 01:37:15 AM »
I really enjoyed watching the time lapse.

Some need to relax and watch it for what it is.

It is not a learning exercise, it is humor.

I have to paint my oil pan and covers!

Well some of her sisters came out to greet and her welcome her to the fold.  This is the first time any of these cars have seen snow since 96 and earlier.  I don't think they like the cold because back in the garage they went!
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: 1937 series 60 seat adjusting mechanism
« Last post by The Tassie Devil(le) on Yesterday at 11:02:10 PM »
One of the problems with these "Fixed Seat" cars is that they were usually so expensive to buy that the purchaser had to employ a driver that was short enough to drive these cars.   

With the Limos, the owner usually travelled in the rear, and the driver had to live with the confines behind the steering wheel.

Bruce. >:D
General Discussion / Re: Time Lapse 390 Caddy Engine Rebuild
« Last post by chrisntam on Yesterday at 10:01:21 PM »
Ain't nobody gonna learn anything from that video.   ;)

Except a 180 out distributor. 

Nice paint on the oil pan and valley cover.  Wow.  Too bad he had to start it.

Thanks for posting it, very cool!

Want To Buy - Parts / Re: 1937 series 60 seat adjusting mechanism
« Last post by npm151 on Yesterday at 08:54:52 PM »
Thanks for the information Harvey. I guess I’m stuck with notcmoving the seat back for more leg room.
Good evening fellow Cadillac and Lasalle friends,

I have 1961 Cadillac Series Sixty Fleetwood. I had the car for a number of years and recently decided to rejuvenate it. The wiper system is something that always been an issue. Recently, I decided to take it out and rebuild it to see where the faults lay. When i took out the wiper motor i heard some rattling coming from the motor assembly. I took everything apart and gave everything a proper cleaning and new lube. The motor has two contact brushes. One of the two (see picture) were broken as well as the spring. Does anyone know where i can find a new set of brushes and springs. Everything else seems to be in working order. Thank yous all looking forward to some good feed back
For Sale - Cars / Re: 1967 Eldorado slicktop
« Last post by Spencer67E! on Yesterday at 07:05:40 PM »
Yes it is, and thanks so much for posting.
Technology is not my strong suit.
General Discussion / Re: Invitation to Betty White's 100th Birthday Party
« Last post by savemy67 on Yesterday at 06:53:50 PM »
Hello all,

Due to snow, the Betty White dinner scheduled for January 16, was postponed to Saturday, February 5.  If you would like to attend, please contact me at

Christopher Winter
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1947 Fleetwood Fuel Tank Frame
« Last post by isuras2 on Yesterday at 05:23:08 PM »
Just adding the pictures for anyone in the future needing them as a reference.
Want To Buy - Parts / Re: 1941 Clutch Release Yoke Ball Stud
« Last post by The Tassie Devil(le) on Yesterday at 04:43:11 PM »
My trouble is that when I need something, and I see a future use for it, I buy it.   Maybe not new, as good used is almost as good.

My future trouble is when I get older, and need to seriously downsize, people will most likely not be wanting to use them themselves.   You should see my workshop.

Bruce. >:D

PS.   I like learning how to teach myself how to use the aforementioned tools, and thus far, they don't owe me anything.
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