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Greetings from The Cadillac La Salle Club of New Zealand (Inc.)

Hello everyone. To all Kiwis – our August issue brings us one copy away to spring! Thank goodness too, as I type this we are in for another sound drenching, mind you I did manage to ‘turn-over’ my Calais last week! Hopefully better weather ahead as we head towards Day Light Saving in October! To our readers (via the US CLC website ) I hope you are enjoying what will be still mid-summer for you! Boy those heat waves and wild fires in Oregon have been awful. Our prayers are with you guys!

Covid update – The US appears to be getting another dose; as is Melbourne, Sydney (bad new outbreak there) and other states have a few, transmitted no doubt from the other states. Only Tasmania seems to be free? Here is NZ we remain free BUT there is an urgent investigation on the West Coast of New Plymouth where health officials have found the virus in waste-water. Maybe someone has it and doesn’t know it? If you’ve been to Taranaki lately and feel off-colour might pay to check yourself out.

Anyway, in this month’s issue:

•   New member Gerald Fieten shares his beautiful Caddy rag top
•   Taranaki Social Club reports on their Independence Day outing as does Wellington!
•   Check the UK Barn Find auction of Caddies, many are Limos!
•   More important news regarding 2021 Caddy Nationals – PLEASE READ ‘Tartan flyer’ attached
•   2nd Important item – Read attachment regarding Club Rule change
•   Local and Global goings-on
•   Continuation of our New feature ‘Around the NZ Regions’
•   Please get your Auto payment set-up for your future subs. Read here
•   And as always, plenty of colour
•   Attachments include details of 2021 Cadillac Nationals – 4th poster; Auto payment form for Kiwi members, Rule change

As always, I am on the hunt’ for stories and photos together with a few words, email it to me at finzmagazineemail addresses not permitted If it is a particularly ‘large MB shot’ it has a greater chance of appearing on the front cover especially if it has character or a bit of flair

Until next issue, stay Covid-safe out there
Yours sincerely
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