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41 Cad hot

Started by Alan Feltham CLC member, April 15, 2005, 12:26:47 PM

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Alan Feltham CLC member

With all the discussions on 41s running warm /starting hard -even when done up correctly, has anyone ever installed one of the small transmission-type finned oil coolers in front of the radiator - could tee off before going into the (aftermarket) oil filter..It might save a few degrees in warm weather..good idea ? Yes, I know, not authentic..BUT...

Jack Carroll #18687

You might try adding a product called Purple Ice to your
coolant. Its a wetting agent that will aid in the heat
transfer between the coolant and the metal of the radiator.
I use it in my 39 LaSalle and in my 95 Chevy truck with
good results.

Bruce Reynolds # 18992


Anything one can do to lower the temperature of Auto Transmission fluid is going to increase the life of the transmission.

There is nothing wrong with adding an external cooler, similar to a Hayden Brand cooler, and as you are actually driving your car enough to be concerned about the temperature of the transmission oil, then I dont see you as a Concours DeElegance type owner, so originality shouldnt be a problem.   At least you will be able to drive your car to he shows, no matter how hot it gets, the weather that is.

Dont just T the line off, just place the cooler in the line so that the oil flows all the way through the Radiator Cooler, Filter and Accessory Cooler.

The Tassie Devil(le),
60 CDV.

Bill Ingler CLC# 7799

Alan- Your statement about 41s starting hard when hot even if done correctly is not very accurate.These cars started hot with no problems in 1941 and they will start hot in 2005, if you bring back the engine,fuel,cooling system,and electrical systems to close to the standards it had when it left the factory. A properly rebuilt engine will include the block and heads being sent to a metal cleaner that reverses polarity in the tanks every few hours to get the 64 years of rust and crud from within the block/heads. An engine with a bunch of rust and crud in the block will develop hot spots in the cooling chambers around the pistons contributing to a slow start. I have yet to see less than 50percent of a 64 year old radiator core pluged when the top tank is removed. Recore the radiator, it didn`t leave the factory half pluged up. Remember the engine is sitting on rubber, the engine mounts and the transmission mount. The engine has one ground strap on the right motor mount and one from each head to the fire wall. These need to be taken off and cleaned for a good ground for starting. The starter needs to be rebuilt to new standards and the proper diameter cables used to the battery.These are just a few things to do to have a car start easy when hot. It is expensive to bring a engine and systems back to new standards and a lot of folks will try different methods to help start their hot flat head but the only sure way is bring the car`s systems back to new car standards    

Doug Houston

As well as you might clean / flush / boil out a radiator, it finally gets beyond rejuvenation. I have been going along with the original one in my 38-60S since 1960, when I drove it home from New York City on the NY Thruway with no problems. Last year however, there was no getting it to cool anymore, and I had it re-cored. Now, it works just fine. Ill now need to get the one out of the 38-90 and get a new core in it. Its a bit hacked up as well as who knows how clogged?  

One big item in any engine is timing. if its not advanced enough, it will run hot. Check your vacuum control to make sure its working. They have a nasty habit of going bad.

Tom Roche CLC#20925

Do you know of any type of filter or screen to put in the radiator hose to pick up the small rust from the engine block.  
The Radiator has been re-corded.

Tom Roche

Alan Feltham CLC member

The magazine entitled Skinned Knuckles frequently advertises an in-line (2 ?) radiator hose unit