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Wanted : Parts for a 1928 Cadillac

Started by 28cad30las, March 11, 2023, 11:34:12 PM

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Wanted: for a 1928 Cadillac Convertible - Two Hood Hold Downs, Metal Plate over Carburetor stating, "Cadillac V-8", Bottom Track for Side Windows that Window Regulator attaches to, and Golf Bag Door. Please email me at if you have any of these parts. Thank you.


I have a nice carb cover with V8 on it but I'm not sure what year it is. You can contact me at

Wayne Elsworth
CLC #17075


I might have the hood hold downs. Please add a picture with dimensions to make sure I can match your needs. Jim


When you say plate over the carb, do you mean the round plate screwed into the top of the carburetor? If it's 1928, it should only have 4 screws holding it. I may have some of those cast in bronze as the pot metal originals corroded badly.
 You can contact me directly at
Wayne Elsworth
CLC #17075


Quote from: cadillac32 on March 20, 2023, 08:51:56 PMI might have the hood hold downs. Please add a picture with dimensions to make sure I can match your needs. Jim

My hood hold down is approximately 6.375 inches long from top of grip to where it bolts to fender. The center to center dimension of bolt holes where it bolts to fender is 1.5 inches. I am new to the club and cannot figure out how to get a picture of the hold down to you. Can you email me at and I will send off a picture of it to you.




I don't know how to access the private message you sent me in the CLC system. Could you tell me what I'm supposed to click on to get it to appear?

Again, my email address is

If you could email me there I would be able to send you back the pictures of my hold downs or if you can tell me where to click in the CLC system I would be able to read your private message.


The Tassie Devil(le)

To read your Private Message, you need to do either of two things.

Firstly, you should have received an email telling you that you have been sent a PM.  Then, in that message, there will be a link to be able to open up your CLC Forum Inbox.

Secondly, you could simply go to the top of the Forum Page and you will see your name, and "My Messages".  Open up the My Messages at the Inbox, and it should be there.

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