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General Discussion / Re: In radiator thermostats
Last post by TonyZappone #2624 - Today at 06:20:38 AM
Thank you Barry, I would buy it to have for someone else, in case they need it.  In fact, Mr. Otto is still rebuilding them, (not cheap $275-$300), but better than the $495 from Hirsch.  I am sending him mine today

For Sale - Parts / 1985-88 Deville and Fleetwood ...
Last post by Cadillac Nut - Today at 02:22:04 AM
1985-88 Deville and Fleetwood FWD original NOS GM seat covers. These are new take offs--  original GM seat covers that were taken off new cars and put into climate controlled storage, where they have been since.   They have no wear  and include factory sew on padding.  The headrest and armrest covers are included. I have most colors of cloth/ velour that were offered as well as one leather set and 1 D'Elegance leather set.  $500 each for cloth sets, which should be a pretty good deal I think.    Photos of certain colors below
Technical / Authenticity / 1969 VIN Location
Last post by Cadillac Nut - Yesterday at 10:39:06 PM
Where else is the VIN located on '69s, besides the typical place at bottom of the windshield?
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Coming home from 2022 G.N....
Last post by Poncholover - Yesterday at 09:57:06 PM
Nasty. "sorry for your loss"
Saw a race motor one time where the broken valve head piece made it through the exhaust cross over into the other side and destroyed that cylinder too!I would not have believed it if I had not seen it.
General Discussion / Re: 1957 Differential repair /...
Last post by Jim Stamper - Yesterday at 09:38:57 PM
I think you will find it really is " non-serviceable" Special tools are needed that Cadillac never provided the dealerships. Not to say a clever guy can't make workable tools and get something done, but there is zero guidance from the company. The center section was replaced complete, ordered from Cadillac. This is the case from at least mid-30s to early 50s and likely later.

 Find a good center section and replace your old one. Gears worn as described earlier from a worn bearing will never be right gain and they are more trouble than it is worth to change one more than once. An iffy repair is apt to leave you in the lurch somewhere, very un-Cadillac like. My opinion.

       Jim Stamper,  CLC#13470
Technical / Authenticity / Re: 1949 Power Window Pump Lin...
Last post by bobchaney - Yesterday at 09:38:49 PM
Yes I have one of those wrenches. Problem is the flex line diameter is too big to fit the wrench over it. . . I'm hoping someone that's been through this can help with a suggestion. It just doesn't feel right to have to bugger everything up to get it out
General Discussion / Re: New Owners coming in from ...
Last post by Steve Lomas - Yesterday at 09:26:31 PM
I dunno, sounds to me like this has the makings of an epic road trip.

I once drove coast to coast in an old Oldsmobile, east to west, got rear ended in times square NY by an SUV which also hit a hot dog stand and ended up on it's roof.

The back window and trunk were smashed, passenger door wouldn't open, or the hood-   AC never worked anyway, got pulled over several times, ran out of motel money trying to get the car fixed, and had to sleep in it the rest of the way, still made it to Oregon- no cell phone or GPS, just a compass and a globe of the planet. The memories always had us in tears laughing.

I really hope they are OK healthwise, but otherwise I'd tell them to keep going, Florida or bust!!!

Technical / Authenticity / Re: Valve Float - FYI
Last post by Dave Shepherd - Yesterday at 09:17:17 PM
Greg, I am not inferring the valve is staying open something like .200, do we know what piston to valve clearances are during a full cycle, think not. As I said, an engine with tight piston to valve clearances, particularly when using a agressive cam, could hit the pistons. Just an interesting exercise in engine blueprint theory.  I agree, based on Cadillac's conservative approach to these engines, severe valve float would probably  not cause critical  piston interference.  Fun discussion though.
General Discussion / Re: 59-60 Eldorado hub cap and...
Last post by 60eldo - Yesterday at 08:48:47 PM
 Does anyone have a 59-60 rim, proper stamping, that they can measure from outside diameter , so we can find out the truth cause I can guarentee you that 16 5/8 rim, will not allow your cap to fit.
Technical / Authenticity / Re: Matching numbers
Last post by eggs55 - Yesterday at 08:46:48 PM
Greatly appreciate the help.