No-Roll Question?

Started by Jeff Kay CLC#7630, November 06, 2007, 01:27:13 PM

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Jeff Kay CLC#7630

Does anyone have a diagram showing the connections for a No-Roll unit for a 1941 Cadillac?

I was looking under my car yesterday and saw the base unit attached to the frame, but none of the linkage or brake lines were attached.  I drove a 1941 60S with one when I was a teen and really liked it.  I need to find out exactly where each piece of linkage/brake lines attach to the unit and where they attach to the vehicle.  Does anyone have a diagram, instructions, photos, etc. of this unit.  I would be most apprectiative of any help.


Jeff Kay



Here are two attachments that deal with the NoRol system.  I have it on my 1938 6119 sedan and it works great.  I live in a rather hilly area and I can tell you it is a nice feature.  My car originally came from the San Fransisco area and I can understand whiy it was ordered.  I think my set up is slightly different that found on a 41 model.  In 1941 they added a reverse lock out feature.  If you want me to take a picture of my linkage set up just let me know.  I will post the next page on an additional reply since the system only allows for two attachmnets.



Next page of the NoRol attachement.


Instruction sheets for rebuilding a NoRol unit.   Hopefully this will get you what you need to figure things out if you have all of the linkage pieces.
These are attached as PDF files

As odd as it might sound the last time I got parts for one of these it was from a Studebaker parts house.  The one I used I  was bought out but I think a company call SASCO Studebaker Parts took their entire inventory. 

Jeff Kay CLC#7630

Thanks Jim for all of the help.  I realized that I just have the main unit itself and that I need the correct linkage and brass blocks for the brake lines.  I guess I'll be searching the internet and junk piles looking for these items.  I'll check into Studebaker as well.


Good luck.  I tend to think that parts related to these are pretty hard to find.  I can't give you a clue where you might find the parts you need..

Best regards and good hunting!!