The Rules
This Message Forum is to be used to advance the purposes of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, which are to develop, publish and exchange information pertaining to Cadillacs and LaSalles, to encourage the maintenance, preservation and restoration of Cadillacs and LaSalles, and to promote social fellowship among Club members.
Rules for posting messages in the forum:

--> Registration is required to post in this forum.

--> All messages must be signed with a minimum of your first initial and last name. Example: T. Smith. NO  EXCEPTIONS! (Unless it appears in your Author profile)

--> CLC members are asked to display their CLC membership number. (Unless it appears in your Author profile)

--> Ads are permitted relating to Cadillac or LaSalle cars, parts and literature only, for both commercial and member ads.

--> It is recommended all vehicle ads state an asking price and location.

--> No disparaging remarks or personal attacks against fellow forum members, club members, club directors & officers, forum moderators, or any business will be tolerated.  Discussion threads containing such remarks will be removed, and may result in the loss of the poster's privilege to post on the CLC Message Board.  

--> No disparaging remarks against CLC judging results from Cadillac & LaSalle Club events.

--> Any post requesting a fee for providing information will be removed from the Forum and referred to our commercial advertising manager.

--> No posting of pictures of nude males or females, or persons in lewd or suggestive poses, regardless of whether the individual is adjacent to a Cadillac or LaSalle.  This will subject the poster to removal of that person