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1961 Jetaway transmit Rebuild

Started by Clewisiii, March 02, 2023, 12:07:39 PM

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The quote

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Chicken Coupe

 NOt bad. I thank you.  I was quoted 2500 here in Charlotte.  And that's taking it out myself and bringing it in.     Well good luck man. I know it will work out and you'll be cruising in no time.


@Chicken Coupe don't get real excited yet, see "TBD" to be determined , Usually means more money, and estimate on rebuild kit and HARD parts estimate also means possibly more money, this possibly could climb higher, we will see.

Frankfort, Illinois


Fantastic !

Do you happen to have a photo of the throttle valve linkage (TV rod connection)  and the selector linkage on the transmission? Have been looking for a 'correct', stock representation of what these levers should look like.