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Hud movie

Started by Barry M Wheeler #2189, March 18, 2023, 11:27:24 PM

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Barry M Wheeler #2189

I watched most of Hud this evening on TCM. It was B&W and Paul Newman drove a 1958 Series 62 convertible. It got damaged in the front near the end of the movie, but was drivable. His father died from falling from his horse and was lying in the road causing the Cadillac to run into the rear of Brandon De Wilde's pickup.

The funeral scene featured a black 1958 hearse in all it's glory. I'd never bothered to watch this show. It essentially just "stops" at the end.
Barry M. Wheeler #2189

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harvey b

I watched it last night too,kind of a sad movie,Hud was a real cad,wonder how long he could have held on to the ranch after everyone left,not long i bet. :D .I always watch the old movies for the cars,drives my wife crazy listening to me babble on about the "wrong" car in the time period the movies are set in. harveyb
Harvey Bowness

Mike Josephic CLC #3877

A great movie.  I have it on DVD along with a few others
of Paul Newmann's hits when he was in his prime.

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He was a nice man.

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Jon S

I always got a kick of how they dubbed in the sound of burning rubber on an asphalt road when the car is on a dirt road when Newman floors the convertible

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Dave Ventresca

patricia neal was very sexy. and the interaction between the two was great.


I remember at one point in the Movie Paul Newman says to someone to be careful that the 1958 Series 62 convertible is an expensive car but Newman drives it like a demolition derby car himself.
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