1939 lasalle coupe and 1925 touring sedan,,, what are they worth?

Started by R.Rothenberger, December 28, 2007, 10:10:34 AM

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???  A very close friend of mine has a close friend who is selling these two cars. I have been asked to help sell them. I have seen the 39 , and it is a 27k mile car, and is outstanding. the 25 touring sedan was restored about 20-30 years ago and has not seen the light of day since. both cars will need going though and and a good cleaning. I would like to take them to barrit jackson next year. What I would like to know, are they worth barrit jackson? Sorry I don't have pictures yet . If  you could help me with this , or if you would like to know more you can call me at 317.696.2657.  thanks for you time.




You can buy cars like this in good condition in the range of 7 to 20K.  The La Salle is probably worth considerably more than the 1925 sedan, the La Salle is a much flashier car and has outstanding road performance for a pre-war car.  But it always depends on finding a buyer interested in them.

Barrett Jackson is more of a reality show than any real indication of the market value for old cars.  I would be reluctant to bring either car there, they will look plain jane compared to all the 60's muscle and pre-war Coddingtonmobiles.  The big spenders know what they want and it seems that few original pre-war cars are popular these days, unless they are Duesies or V-16's and the like.  You may end up buying the cars yourself, B-J has high commission fees and virtually all sales are without reserve.

I would test the market first on eBay or Hemmings, that's a way to reach lots of collectors without the high costs and logistic problems of getting to B-J.

Good luck, post some pictures if you can

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