75 Eldorado Part Number Needed???

Started by Jeff Wilk, January 18, 2011, 09:48:19 AM

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Jeff Wilk

HELP...anybody out there with a parts manual that can identify part 1605349 for me??  It is the front Hood lower chrome trim for I think (hope) a 1975 Eldorado Convertible.  This is the number stamped into the piece.......Thanks

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In my parts book date 04/76 it shows that part# to be 3633961, "hood panel molding, front w/atch. pts." This in group 8.055.
In my book thru 1980, for 1976 it shows to be 3634162 and 3634192 for '77-78
Maybe post a picture of what you have.
Whats on the back isn't always the service part #
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