Kanter front end kit problem

Started by chris cunliffe, April 10, 2011, 11:07:20 AM

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chris cunliffe

 Has anybody else had problems with the bushing seals in Kanters front end rebuilding kits?I rebuilt my 57 Seville front  suspension about 14 months ago and the car has been sat, unused, under cover since then.
Whilst fitting a new exhaust system a couple of weeks ago I was dismayed to see that the bushing seals appeared to have  perished and were all splitting.I contacted Kanter who are going to ship new seals but that would still leave me having to strip down the entire front end of the car again just to replace the seals.
I have thought about splitting the seals and super- glueing them together around the bushings but dont know how successful this would be. Any thoughts ?

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Art Gardner CLC 23021

I have had similar problems, using seals from Steele.  It seems that the seals are not as tough as the original Cadillac parts.
Art Gardner

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I got a Deluxe Front End Kit from Kanter for my 57 Fleetwood.

I did make a comment at the time that most of the parts had Made in America on them or at least on the packaging.

The tie rod ends, however, showed made in Taiwan.
The boots on these are already split on both sides and all I have done with the car so is push it around my shed.

Hope the rest of the gear from Kanter lasts longer.

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