Door sills 1957 Biarritz

Started by Paul Tesone, November 14, 2012, 09:51:13 AM

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Paul Tesone

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase NOS or repro door sills for my 57 Biarritz ? Will the sills for the 57 Seville or other 57 two door models fit ? Thanks , Paul Tesone CLC #6876

Jeff Maltby 4194

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Walter Youshock

All Cadillac coupes used the same door sill.  Some had "Cadillac" painted black and some did not.  There's no definitive time where the painted vs. non-painted were used.  My car was built in May and the script is not painted.
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Paul Tesone

Thank you Jeff & Walter . My order will be placed today . Paul Tesone CLC # 6876