57/58 Eldorado Brougham Vanity - Lanvin Arpege Atomizer MINT

Started by psullivanhig, November 04, 2013, 11:37:08 PM

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Very rare 57-58 Cadillac Brougham Lanvin Arpege vanity accessory. Item is Lanvin Arpege 1oz (guarantee seal on back of bottle) with Atomizer (never removed from box) set. As described in the new Cadillac database (chapter eight), bottom of bottle is Flat with the following marks - LANVIN France, Net content 1 FL oz., Lanvin Perfume NY, BR2, NY, NY, Importers. Includes directions for atomizer, paperwork and packing tissue paper. In mint condition.

This beautiful piece was given to my mother by a life long family friend and the owner of a Cadillac dealership in Birmingham, MI. in 1957 as a gift.

Authenticated via the GM Heritage museum / Greg Wallace by Alan Haas owner of 1957 Eldorado Brougham #210 since 1985. The car was used by the Franklin Mint for their model of it. Alan is a past president of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center and current Campaign Co-Chair

Asking $10,000 - many additional pictures available upon request.

Jeff Wilk

Thats an amazing item....... For those looking for the same perfume bottles (some unopened some empty in boxes or out) i have many in mint condition. Also have several of the small cross writing instruments........will sell one or the whole lot for a great price. PM me if interested 

Jeff W.
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SOLD - Private
Set has found a home in a beautiful all original 1958 Brougham currently under restoration.


Did some stupid guy actually paid 10k for
this ???? noooo It was on eBay for 300........
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I remember you...  you sent me angry messages when I pulled the Ebay listing due to huge errors.
The buyer of item is very intelligent, respected worldwide and has great knowledge of these cars and value of vanity items.

The buyer and price of item will remain Private. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please refrain from being rude.

Thank you

Alan Harris CLC#1513

What was there about this that was unique to the Brougham? When I was a kid in the fifties, my mother used to wear Arpege by Lanvin. The bottle and the atomizer look like the one my mother had on her vanity.

Was the packaging somehow different? I am not attacking you, but just cirious.

N Kahn

Something very fishy about this, a person with 3 posts comes in here with a $10,000 item and sells it immediately to a 'private' person, it's not adding up.


Not that it matters much but if a person had or came into posession of a rare Cadillac item, a logical place to try to sell it would be on the Cadillac club website.

I have heard of the Brougham vanity sets selling for prices like that and I would think that a buyer would have to see proof that this item is what it's supposed to be.

It's between buyer and seller I guess.

Brian Rachlin
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Quote from: Alan Harris CLC#1513 on November 18, 2013, 10:58:18 PM
What was there about this that was unique to the Brougham? When I was a kid in the fifties, my mother used to wear Arpege by Lanvin. The bottle and the atomizer look like the one my mother had on her vanity.

Was the packaging somehow different? I am not attacking you, but just cirious.

This ebay listing details that the Brougham box had the extra space for the atomizer, (as pictured in the first post).


I'm no expert on what is/is not correct as far as Brougham vanities but I do know the correct pieces  bring big money.


Thank you 76eldo - you're right, once I found out what I had, figured best place to find a buyer would be CLS.....not rocket science. 

Through the whole process of selling this item, I have learned quite a bit about this set along with a wonderful education on just how special the 57/58 Brougham Cadillac car is.  The extremely lucky owners & collectors of these cars are certainly dedicated and very passionate.   

The best resource on this set and other vanity items is the Cadillac Data Base.  http://www.cadillacdatabase.org/Dbas_txt/brg08.htm    The magnetized shot glasses for the glove compartment my personal favorite....make sure you don't spill any booze while driving!  Geez, market that one today....could you imagine?

Unfortunately, the item listed on Ebay has nothing to do with the Brougham (wrong box, wrong bottle, wrong atomizer).  Seller had no bids at $999 so they relisted $1499...whatever.  Buyers interested in such a set are very knowledgeable and know exactly what to look for. 

Provenance of piece is very important along with some proof of authenticity.  Thanks to a good friend, I received verification of authenticity from GM Heritage Museum. 

Coincidentally, buyer of my set found me via a FB post and contacted me.   This was before item was listed on this site or in Hemmings.  Serious buyers are very resourceful.   

Best of luck to all -


I realize this is an old post (below) and I'll attempt to do a new one separately, but having just read this post I thought I would let the members know that as a former owner of a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham (car # 117) some time ago I also collected the rarest of the rare Arpege #829 Lanvin Perfume with atomizer from fellow Brougham enthusiasts.  I have five. Three are the most rare, new, still in box with original wrapper.  Two 829s are in original box but no original wrapper.  Both are nearly full.  I suspect if not full it's from evaporation.  I also have one instruction leaflet for assembly and using the atomizer.  All contain the appropriate markings and mother & child intaglio and all are in excellent condition, suitable for show.  You may find detailed information re what is correct on the cadillac database here:  http://cadillacdatabase.com/dbas_txt/brg08.htm.  If you look up my car on the database you can see some of the vanities I had with that car and Yann's comments regarding them.

I also have available fourteen original 828 replacement one ounce Arpege Lanvin perfumes, some unopened with original box and cellophane. 

Otherwise, I have FIVE (sorry, not six) correct original shot glasses in an unmarked plastic holder and a correct original flannel bag for the Evans doublesided makeup/vanity case (I do not have the makeup case).

Rather than put a price on any one item, I would rather you let me know what you would be willing to bid for your particular needs and any questions you might have.  I'm happy to supply detailed photos of the item(s) you want to consider once I know your needs.  For the bargain hunters, these will not be cheap, as they are the real deal and in excellent condition.  So hopefully with that warning and looking at the cadillac database we can save some time.  Feel free to email me directly at kcsmithlj@mac.com or simply use the post.  I'm also available to discuss needs, price, etc. by phone with serious buyers.

Best of luck to all.