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Started by waterzap, November 26, 2013, 11:08:06 AM

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So took the Eldorado out this last weekend. Guy pulls up next to me, signaling to roll down my windows. He yells at me.
You know what you should do with that car? Make it an El Camino. That would be great.
I politely said thank you and drove on.
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Gene Beaird

Heh, you should have told him: "Give me $10,000 and you can do it yourself!"   ;D
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I dont get some people. Just enjoy things for what they are.
This guy definitely didnt know the car is FWD. Even though there are some FWD trucks out there, its kind of silly. Once you load it up, the wheels are in the air, and you lose all traction. 
Anyway, just the strangest experience I have had driving this car.
Charlotte, NC
-1978 Eldorado Coupe

TJ Hopland

There was a couple coach / custom builders that made pickups out of Eldo's and Devilles in the 70's and earlier 80's. 

The 67-85 Eldos are not at all like what became the typical FWD car.  Unless you were hauling something like wet black dirt I don't think you would take much weight off the front.  I have had a decent load in my 73 plus a heavy trailer and it really did not seem to effect the front suspension.  I used to use my 73 to pull my boat and never had a traction issue pulling the boat up the ramps.   The 79-85 independent rear suspension can be a little funky if the air suspension does not keep it at the correct height.  You get a rear bump steer sort of thing going on. 

Here is one that was for sale a couple years ago.

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