John Volpe's V16 coupe

Started by Quentin Hall, April 18, 2014, 06:13:42 AM

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Quentin Hall

 Found this  by chance whilst web surfing. Great story and insight  to the times , wonder if the car survives ??. . .
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Ross Morgan #22943

Q, as we discussed over lunch yesterday, what an interesting article! Thanks for posting this.  If I'm not mistaken, this Cadillac is a 1930/31 V-16 Coupe style 4276 (70 built), with the curved sill and raked "Madame X" style windshield.  The chrome window trims have been painted by the looks (perhaps because the glass was modified to be bullet proof?).  Volpe also chose to go with a metal covered side mounts.  The tire patterns look interesting - is the front tire a re-tread or is it an off road/snow tire?  Anyway, this style is beautiful - I've attached a photo of a 1930 Cadillac style 4276 in red.   Ross.