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Started by atime, August 29, 2016, 08:15:56 PM

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I am looking at a 79 eldo with white leather interior. Its in good shape no splits but looks a little tired. How difficult would it be to have  the top of the seats and backs redone? I assume no one makes kits for these?
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A good trim shop can redo the seats.
If they are not torn or have open seams there are detail guys that can treat and paint the leather. Used car dealers use these guys all the time for making their used cars more appealing.

I'd look into that first.

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Even if there is a tear I have personally had them fixed and color matched where you could not find where work was done.

So there is hope out there

............I will add that I found my seat repair guy through a dealership, and the repair guy even said he usually only does dealers not private, but he did mine anyway.

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A company called Fabrion has franchises and training for upholstery repair. MY daughter in law does this for a living, mostly rental car company's and dealers. She repaired a leather seat in my work car because an employee forgot to take a tool out of his pocket, and I could not find the repair a few days later. Since it is piece work they do not like to do single repairs. Better to go to rental car lot and do many at a time, while one is curing start the next one and so on.
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