1964 Cadillac Neutral safety switch, I need one

Started by kokerscad, October 07, 2016, 10:11:38 PM

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I have a 1964 fleetwood 60 special
Turbo 400 with tilt wheel
I can't seem to find one online that isn't NOS
How do I find a new neutral safety switch?
C.Dias CLC#27578
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1964 Fleetwood 60


Marty Smith
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Maybe no one makes it?
NOS - is for New Old Stock, so they're "new" - just from the period.   So it'll be a new switch thats been unused for all these years.     
Try the usual Rock Auto, Napa, etc and see if they can cross.  Better to go to store and look in the catalog than online with Napa.   Some of these fit multi year, so you might not see it as a '64, per se.   You might be able to repair the old one if you have it.


Jason Edge is an amazing source an man of knowledge, I'm on the wait list , for a few parts from him. Luckily my car has a turbo 400 trans and the tilt wheel option so that specific NSS is similar to the similar to the 1x 65-66 NSS, I'm told it is a direct fit so I got one, 1964 they used 4x NSS because of having 2x transmissions, (PRNDL, PNDLR) and variants with tilt wheel
C.Dias CLC#27578
1965 DeVille convertible
1964 Fleetwood 60

Jeffrey Burland

The 65-66 is a direct fit if you shave 1/8" off the tab, or it's too long. HTH, Jeff
Jeff Burland, Just one guy with too many 54-76 restorables and parts to list