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How to research my car

Started by, February 29, 2020, 07:28:33 AM

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I own LaSalle sedan convertible #125 that was manufactured in 1940.  I understand this is the last car manufactured that year and also the last LaSalle sedan convertible ever made.

At one time I was able to look at the register on line and see what other cars there were like this one.  How do I go about doing that?  I can not seem to get there.

I plan to put this car up for auction this coming month and any information that I can get will be much appreciated.


Are you looking for value or provenance?   
Value, I suggest you look at the collector car buyers guides; CAAAR, Hagerty, NADA, etc. and auction sales, etc.   Have professionally appraised, if you can't find.
Provenance, I'd try to get a build sheet copy and any documents that came with the car.  You might try the museums to see if they have any info.   GM Heritage Center might be able to help with build info.
All of this "last of" may or may not affect the price.   Firsts are more favorable.   But sellers use info it any way they can.   It needs to be "rated" as to current condition.   The last "widget" in terrible shape won't be worth as much as one in good condition.


66 deville convertible I'd like to know how many of mine are left.