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Started by g.monnig, April 06, 2020, 01:10:18 PM

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hello!  hope everyone is staying safe these days!

can anyone tell me what process is needed to remove my wheels from my 1908 Cadillac?
there appears to be a brass hub that I am unsure whether it screws off, or is pulled off with some type of puller.
thanks for any info!

G. monnig

R Pope

Looking at various pictures on the web it does look like you need to remove the grease cap and then the locking nut for the wheel. Do NOT remove the outer ring of bolts on the hub as those hold the wooden spokes together.
I would recommend posting this question in the AACA “General Discussion” forum since this is such an early car. I bet other makes have a similar process and I am sure someone more educated that me could help.


TJ Hopland

Ya hopefully some people that know that specific model will be along soon to tell you for sure but based on my very limited experience on cars that early I do believe that the cap unscrews.   I have fuzzy memories of watching someone take the wheels off a Stanley or Pierce while I was hanging around a friends of a friends neighbors cousins shop many years ago.
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I would assume it screw on. turn it as if to screw it off. If it's threaded it will turn if not it will turn, either way you should be able to tell at that point. won't hurt either way.


For expertise on a 1908 Cadillac, suggest you join https://groups.io/g/EarlyCadillacGroup/topics.  This excellent group focuses exclusively on 1903-1914 Cadillacs.

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