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1931 Cadillac 855 Sports Coupe

Started by donw1775, November 25, 2020, 12:33:19 AM

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Recently bought this car from a person in Wheatland CA it was bught when he graduated Collage in 1972 never did anything to it and  i am just figuring out whats missing got the engine unstuck it has 45,000 miles the odometer know i will need help locating some parts

James Landi


What a terrific project... do you know of its history, especially when it was last on the road and running.  It's good that you got the engine unstuck, but now the big questions remain: does it develop any compression in each cylinder?  Because these engine have their valves in the block, the challenges of impossibly struck valve stems can be a true "non-starter."  Please do join the club-- many experienced owners will help you along your journey as you begin the process of restoration--- for technical advice, experiential wisdom, and moral support. It's a great club with a diverse membership of wonderfully engaged folks.  Happy day,  James

harry s

Congrats on your find. Looks to be in good solid condition.     Harry
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I am a member of several clubs and forums OLDS BUICK HUDSON ECT and now Cadillac & LaSalle i have a good shop with English Wheels Shears Bead Rollers and a Paint Booth and 12 foot Powder Coating Oven so i can fix most things the challenge that i see is the B Pillers they were cut off at the window line and are missing and the roof is in a hundred pieces whats there cant tell yet; dont have much in the way of wood tools yet . Here is what i have on the car Robert H Cole Bought it from the original owner on July 10 1972 have a letter that was sent to him from Alvin Reiswig of Grass Valley CA. with a Bill of Sale with the Engine # 800607 and the Frame # 8-706 still match so his story matches when he Graduated Collage in 72 he bought it the Summer he got out of school the sale price is blank and i didnt ask him how much he paid for it not much i think because i Graduated High School in 72 and my first job was Painting Houses and i TOOK HOME $68.00 FOR A 40 HOUR WEEK any help on the wood is appreciated; The car now is in Wells Nevada TKS Don Williams


can anyone help with this taillight have boxes of extra parts


Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Cadillacs. I have been collecting and making parts for these (1927-31) for a long while now and have over 90 molds of the old pot metal parts plus a barn full of parts pulled from several “parts cars”. If you find that you are missing parts, either Pete Sanders (google Pete’s Parts Potomac) or I can help provide parts for you.
Yours is actually a great model to restore!

Wayne Elsworth
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Cadillac Nut

How'd you get the engine unstuck after sitting for so long?


I pulled the plugs and filled the engine cylinders up with ATF and PB Blaster soaked for a week or so then rocked the car in gear engine moved a tad soaked it again and it turns over by hand now