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More Modern rear brake drums to fit 1949 Series 75?

Started by docscantlin, January 05, 2021, 08:51:14 AM

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I am having a hard time locating original 2 1/2"x11" rear drums for my 1949 Series 75. There are many inexpensive drums for 1957 or 1958 (and up a few years) drums which are 2 1/2" x 11". Would these fit my vehicle? I am not concerned with originality, just want to stop. Thanks for any input.
Doc Scantlin

Michael Petti

A suggestion might be is to get a GM master parts list and see what other cars might have the same drum. The GM heritage Center may be able to supply it and I have seen them on the internet. Good luck.

TJ Hopland

Have you tried looking at parts stores websites?   Especially big ones like Rock Auto?   Sometimes they give dimensions or clues on where you can find the dimensions.    Actual diameter and then the offset vs the flange I would think would be the big factors.   Sometimes the center hole gets you but if that was odd you would likely know about it because wheel fitting would also be odd.
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Part # for a 49 S75 rear drum [less hub] appears to be 145 4768 looks like they were used up until 51.
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  Something that you might want to take into account is that sometimes the drum design will change in appearance,  but dimensionally the working surfaces remain the same.
Case in point is the drums on a 56 Cadillac. The original ones had small ribs that circled the drum, but the 60's drums used fins that went from edge to edge all the way around. The shoe size was the same.
I used later year drums on the front of my 56 because one,  they were in better condition,  but more importantly, the fins offered better cooling,  and they matched the ones on the rear axle I'm using in it as well.
  I did have to trim about 3/16" off of the outer edge of the front backing plates to allow them to go on.

If you are able to do your own modifications, and are comfortable doing it, (if any might be necessary), this could give you a bigger selection of parts to choose from.

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Thanks all...
There are many different looking modern drums with the same shoe dia. and width. I guess some possible problems would be when mounted does the drum surface match exactly the shoe surface area or, too far in or out? Backing plates and axle "plate" might be configured to throw that out? I guess this gives me enough information to take a chance. I even wondered if I could pop out the rivets on front drums which I have a bunch. They are for narrower shoes but the actual width is more than 2.5"...???
Thanks again all!
Doc Scantlin