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'53 original upholstery

Started by july76, March 17, 2021, 01:45:38 PM

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I'd like to renew the upholstery of my seats, Lt Green Bedford Cord and Dk Green Plain Broadcloth, any chance to obtain this combination. I've checked sites like SMS
but even if they have several cloths avaliable it seems that they don't offer mine. I asked here in Spain if I could order a replica with the right tone but the mininum
would be 1000 meters!

Ralph Messina CLC 4937

1966 Fleetwood Brougham-with a new caretaker
1966 Eldorado-with a new caretaker
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I would be surprised if SMS does not offer your fabric.  The are horrible to deal with but normally have everything.

You can also try these guys,

Or these guys

See if you can find someone with one of the 53 Detroit books. 
That will give you the actual fabric numbers.
This is an image of the Cadillac page from my 61 Detroit Book.

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