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1968 DeVille hardtop

Started by Pmartin2204, April 03, 2021, 01:23:43 AM

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Here it is. Finally got a decent picture of my project. Hopefully it'll post ok. Cali registered and about ready to roll for a semi daily.


Very nice :)

Good to see someone getting an original up and going for a semi driver.
1968 Fleetwood Purchased in 1981


Needs wheel covers or rims.   These are "real" cars...    Good luck.


Man I dig this car so much. I've only had it about a year and it's been a blast to work on so far. I have a set of caddy wheel covers but one wheel is slightly different from the previous owner. I will have the correct one and covers installed soon. It really does make a difference like jim was saying.

Cadillac Fleetwood

Congratulations on your '68! These are truly enjoyable cars. They're  satisfying cars that are powerful, comfortable, and reliable.  People whose only exposure has been to modern cars find the performance of these cars stunning.

I note that  it does not have a vinyl roof.  Most of them did, and the lack of a vinyl roof today is a blessing.

I am especially fond of the '68 Coupe de Ville.  For my seventeenth birthday, my grandmother gave me hers as my first car when it was only five years old, so I grew up automotively spoiled, LOL.

Early '68s, with the optional front disc brakes, did use a slightly different wheel cover, which had 12 cooling slots in the deepest part of the cover. Later in the '68 model year, the slots were eliminated, and the slotless covers were used for all, and then re-used for '69.

-Charles Fares

Forty-Five Years of Continuous Cadillac Ownership
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"The splendor of the most special occasion is rivaled only by the pleasure of journeying there in a Cadillac"


Thanks for the info Charles! I am very fortunate indeed. And it does have the optional front disc brakes. Power windows, power locks, electric seats, power steering and ac. I am definitely looking forward to more time with it.