LaSalle in The Congo

Started by CongoLasalle, October 07, 2021, 02:29:18 PM

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Nothing your first posts told us you were not near the car, or that you were in Belgium. I'm sorry (as I have stated) that I was harsh, bad day and not your fault.

If you had stated you were 6000 miles away I wouldn't have asked certain questions obviously.

I don't know Chris, I'm assuming you're time period is these cars? Do you know what the significance of the stars is? The cars did have a chassis number, are you saying in those days it wasn't used for ID? That would be odd? The engine could be changed but the car remains the same car? RR always used chassis numbers for that very reason, all over the world? JP


Thanks to all for your input and insight.
I'm signing off.

Chris Cummings

John Paul,

I will quote from the 1930 LaSalle Operators Manual:

"Each LaSalle car when shipped carries an engine number which is also a serial number.  This is the number to be used in filling out license and insurance applications and in general reference to the car.  The engine number is stamped in the crankcase just below the water inlet on the right-hand side.

The various units, such as the transmission, steering gear, etc. also carry unit assembly numbers.  These are located as described below.  It is important, in ordering parts to give, not only the engine number of the car, but also the unit assembly number of the unit to which the part belongs." [There follow a list of the other numbers (including that of the frame/chassis) and where they are to be found.]

The manual is available at the GM heritage Center website.

I hope that answer your questions.



My understanding is that the stars were placed at either end of the number to prevent changing a number by adding to it as a theft deterrent.  Hopefully someone will back that up or explain them further.
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Looking for photos of cars in Boma circa 1920's - I found none.  This car was a rarity; maybe not impossible to have been the first in the city.  There were ships, rail, airplanes, sidecar motorcycles, trucks, but no cars. 
I think Pete has an interesting story to uncover. 
Good luck!
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