Author Topic: Scam alert. 64 sedan.  (Read 750 times)

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Scam alert. 64 sedan.
« on: December 01, 2021, 06:55:46 PM »
Internet scam going on with a 1964 Cadillac  4 window sedan.  White body, runs and drives.  VIN 64K027818
One person already has been scammed.

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Re: Scam alert. 64 sedan.
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2021, 07:29:53 PM »
It's sad, But you have to be careful about purchasing a car on line. I'm a firm believer in inspecting the vehicle in person before I let go of the money. I have purchased cars from all over the US and brought them back to Texas. I or someone I knew checked the vehicle out before I purchased it. On the other hand. I have had some great trips driving some of the car back home. A friend purchased a truck online out of Houston. Paid to have it delivered to Austin. After it got here the vin didn't match the title. Turned out the truck was stolen.
             Thanks Wayne       


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