1956 Cadillac 365 Rebuild

Started by flahivek, April 03, 2022, 10:02:54 AM

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Hello All,
I am rebuilding a 56 365 engine out of a 1956 62 series convertible. I currently have it down to the block, heads shipped out for work, and getting the block work done in the next few weeks. As I begin to rebuild it, I am wondering if anyone has any certain tips, tricks, or things to look out for in the process. Thank you!
-K. Flahive

Big Fins

As long as you have a good machine shop doing the work and the base engine is in good shape, you'll be fine. The shop will know where to get the good internal parts from and not the cheapie Xi junk. Keep as much as you can original Detroit cast iron. There are shops that will custom grind cams to do what you want to engine to do. Rings, bearings, good gaskets. etc... It's all in the shop doing the work.
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Don't use the rope style seal at the rear of the crankshaft, but the rubber seal from Best Gasket.
Depending of your engine number, you may have the cover for the distribution using a felt seal. In that case, search for a 1958 or later cover using a rubber seal.
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Only use the "BEST" brand of gaskets and torque to specs exactly.  If you use other brands of gaskets or overtighten the bolts, you can have leaks.

Yes, use the rubber rear main seal.

Ask your engine machinist to carefully balance the engine.  Have them "blueprint" it, if practical (e.g., balancing the volumes of the individual combustion chambers).  These extra efforts by the engine machine shop can make the engine run much more smoothly.

Have the exhaust manifolds ceramic coated.  They will stay looking nice forever and the ceramic coating will reduce heat in the engine compartment (56 engines tend to run hotter than earlier or later models). 
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