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Started by jprovonsil, April 25, 2022, 05:31:24 PM

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Hello, Recently found out my engine block was cracked on my 1938 LaSalle while trying to restore it so I have instead decided to part out the car. The car was complete with all original parts besides an aftermarket fuel pump had been installed on it, let me know if you need anything from it. The only bad parts on the car is that the unibody is completely rusted out in the trunk area, everything else is rebuildable, the only things that I may keep is the body pieces because I may decide to put a different motor into the car. Can ship all parts, I do not mind shipping as long as payment is given beforehand.

Located in Providence, Rhode Island.


I am looking for a set of 4 wheels for my 38 60S.  But I also realize taking the wheels makes the parts car harder to move around.

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Hi-I need a starter for my 1940 LaSalle-I believe your car has the correct starter. do you have?
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38 has a different pitch than 39 and up on the pinion gear so be careful on the interchange here.
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UPDATE : I've decided to put a different motor into the car after the motor block failed. So I will be making new post with pictures for the specific parts that are available. Mostly what's available is the valvetrain oil pan etc, anything that bolts onto the motor or inside the motor including all electronics. Transmission (1938 Side shift) is also available. If you need any of it please leave a reply and I will try to get back to you quickly but travel alot and am very busy!


I have a 37 LaSalle that I am looking for a proper Carter carburetor, either a 374S or a 460S. Let me know if you have a carburetor you are selling and if so, what number style it is?


Hi Kevin,

Where on the carby will I find these numbers?
John Tozer

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Tom Beaver

According to the Carter manual I have the 374S and the 38 LaSalle 392S have the same casting number 166.  The 460S has a casting number of 277.  The casting numbers are stamped on the base of the body flange assembly (throttle body).  It appears that the 374S and 392S are identical except for metering rods and some of the jets.  The 460S however,has parts that are not interchangeable with the 374S or 392S.

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