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1953 12V Starter

Started by signart, November 21, 2022, 10:29:34 AM

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As subject relates, looking for a 1953 Cadillac starter motor. Not sure if '54, '55 is the same but '52 and back will not work as they would be 6V.
Art D. Woody

Bob Schuman

1954 and 55 complete starters are not the same as 1953, but some components are the same. A MPB of that vintage is needed to be sure. I do know that the armature assembly is the same for 1941 through 1953, and possibly 1940 is the same, even though those are all 6 volts through 1952. The difference was in the field coils and the solenoid assembly.
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I believe you can use a 6 volt starter with 12 volts with no issues.