1957 CDV headlight switch

Started by Lynn Conway clc #21641, April 04, 2005, 07:18:43 PM

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Lynn Conway clc #21641

Good evening fellow Cadillac enthusiasts !

Kind of stuck on a headlight switch problem for my 1957 CDV.  When I purchased the car, the headlight switch would not illuminate the  dash cluster in the halfway or full open position.  Checked fuses, and bulbs, and all seems to be in order. The headlights work fine with the switch in the full open position.

The dash was removed over the winter for powdercoating and recovering the dash pad, and another headlight switch (which is in better condition than the old one) was installed when reassmebling.  The dash panel still will not illuminate with the switch in the halfway or full open position.

Has anyone out there had a similar problem, and maybe have an AHA! moment to share ?

Appreciate any information,


Lynn Conway CLC #21641