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90s upgrade on 83 CDV- Help

Started by "Fleetwood"Max, April 19, 2005, 11:55:04 AM

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Hey guys,  masochist Max here-

I am currently swapping a 350 motor/trans/dash/body from a 90 brougham into my 83 CDV.  This wiring is driving me bezerk.  I am keeping the chassis harness as is, and am hoping to use as much of the existing dash harness as possible- even on the new dash.  Right now I am splicing the 90 engine harness into the bulkead connector to the 4100 to try to keep things clean and not have to drill through the firewall again.  Things are quite tedious and I was hoping someone may be able to offer some hints/shortcuts/suggestions to this process.  I know this is a popular swap in California and am having trouble getting any help from out there.  I have complete diagrams on both cars and have identified the both the similarities and differences in both the old and new dash harnesses.  I have heard everything from having to swap EVERYTHING out to trying to let the 4100 ECU run the 350.  Any help would be great.

Richmond, VA

Michael Stamps 19507

Personally I would think a 472/500 swap would be a lot more fun.  Sorry cant help you on your problem.