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1940 La Salle 5219

Started by Rhino 21150, July 23, 2005, 09:29:20 PM

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Rhino 21150

My dad can claim he doesnt miss his 38 but he is fibbing. He just bought a 1940 5219 from Ron La Salle down here in North Carolina. I went to look at it for my dad before he gulped hard and wrote the check. Lovely car! Not overly original, but the materials are of Cadillac quality and similar colors.
At 83 this year dad can use the car as a daily driver, if he needs to go far he will just get my step-mom to drive him in the 06 Subaru (hey, at least its a GM!). They sold the 99 Acura to help pay for the La Salle. Very good idea in my book.
It comes with many spare parts like a genny and starter. Good plan! Ill ty to get my scanner working and post some pics to