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41 Chapter Newsletter

Started by Barry Wheeler #2189, July 25, 2005, 11:21:05 PM

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Barry Wheeler #2189

Today I wrapped up Volumn II, Numbers 1 & 2 of the newsletter. I combined two issues into one to catch up, and got out some material that I had collected. However, I found that my printer is on vacation and wont be back until the day I leave for the GN. So, I will get it to him probably on the 9th. I thought I would post this note, and thank the members of the Chapter for their patience.

Duane Warren CLC#13918

Since purchasing my 41 7533 a few years ago I have been meaning to extend my CLC membership to include the 41 Chapter but never seem to get around to it. Your post was just another in a long string of reminders. Will you have membership forms with you at the Grand Nationals, or would you prefer that I sign up on line? Either way, I will make it a point to look you up and put a face to the name I see so often on the form. Although this will be our fourth Grand National since 97, this will be the first for the 41 and we are looking forward to the drive down from Minneapolis with a group of friends from the Northstar Region.

Barry Wheeler #2189

Hi, I will print out some forms before I sign off and put them in my brief case. It will be great to see both you and the car. And, I have a special feeling for you Northstar members. Herb had your Region fly me up for one of your meetings while I was President and give a "pep talk." I wont take credit for the fine work you region does now, but it was a pleasure to visit your state. Also, Lucas Davenport is one of my wife and mys favorite detective characters in ficton, and he is based in Minneapolis.

Bill Podany

Hello Barry,

I hope to meet you at the Grand National next week.  I am showing my 41 60S.  Look forward to the event and making your acquaintence.

Bill Podany
Green Bay, WI

Alan Feltham CLC member

I HOPE I am still on your list ?

Alan Feltham
36 Kenilworth Road
Shrewsbury, MA 01545