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Help help. I need Top frame Build Kit 59/60

Started by dale jackson 20895, February 18, 2006, 03:25:51 AM

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Matt Harwood

Its like deja-vu all over again, isnt it, Dale? Is this the same Cadillac convertible that nearly drove you to suicide a year or two ago? Is this the car that nearly cost you your house? I thought you long ago decided to unload it for whatever you could get for it and focus on rebuilding the core of your life. You had a lot of problems with money then, and they dont seem to have improved in the interim.

If this is the same car in the same condition, and your life hasnt changed much since then, you need to go back and do a search on this very forum, and relive those moments where you were so despondent about the car that you were practically crying. And speaking of Ebay rip-offs, didnt you sell this very car to someone only to sell the most valuable trim parts to another buyer before the first buyer could pick it up, and then have the whole thing blow up in your face? Youre no stranger to shady long-distance transactions, my friend.

My opinion now is the same as it was then: get rid of this car, take the loss, and get on with your life. No car is worth YEARS of frustration and disappointment. After all this time, and even if you somehow finish it, it will NEVER be nice enough to satisfy you--its gone on way too long for that. You will NEVER have that day youre dreaming about where youre driving a perfect car down a sunny country road wihout a care in the world. You will NEVER get your life back on track with this anchor around your neck. GET RID OF THIS D*MNED CAR, DALE--ITS A CURSE ON YOU AND YOU KNOW IT!

If thats not what youre going to do, then why all this focus on the top mechanism? Is everything else on the car done and this is all it needs to be a 100-point show-winner? Does it even run and drive yet? Are the bodywork and paint done? What about the upholstery? Is there still an old tire sitting on the engine instead of an air cleaner? If the car isnt ready to go, why waste all this time freaking out over the top mechanism? Hell, if the car is so valuable and important to you, you wont be driving it in the rain anyway, right? You dont even need a top to enjoy the car. Why this preoccupation with the top when there are so many other things that need to be done first?

Sorry so harsh, but someone had to say it. Get rid of this stupid frigging car, Dale, even if you have to sell it for scrap. Old cars are a very poor investment, and cars like this make poor men think they can turn lead into gold. Instead the lead only becomes the anchor that sinks the man. Its the oldest story in the world.

Good luck, Dale. Maybe that doofus in Florida with the 59/60 convertible with the TV in the dash will buy it from you.

dale jackson 20895

 I made my mistakes selling j molding etc from that guys car 1500 after I sold it 2500 for  that guy. I did try replace those J molding for that person and I never found them. I guy I sold those J molding told me he going send broken set to but never did.

 Trust me I reget doing that But I when  that guy wanted pay 1500 for parts I was thinking is guy for real or whatever. He overpaid by maybe 1200 or 1100 dollers for those J molding etc. At time I thought I could buy an set to replace those and reinstall On car etc .

 The man never did pick up that 1962 eldo intill maybe 9 monlths later etc. I felt bad and did not charge him storage etc for keeping car for 9 monlths in building since sold his parts.

  My father wanted me send letters to buyer of car demanding he pay 15 bucks an day storage etc etc and try keep car and file an mechanices lien or storages liens like wreckers service to etc do make money . If they dont Come get car etc they auction Off car etc.

  I got 4000 the first time from car and If did that could have sold an secord  time for maybe 2000 to 1500 or whatever.  In long run I would have goten maybe 6000 totol for that by doing that to those peaple.

 I did give that man his car 9 monlths later and I did not charge anything for storage. I regrett that since I have could made more money from car etc. Thats name Of game make that money man.

 I have serval cars I took there money and they late On payements and I go pay my repo guys 200 or 300 bucks to get back  and sale gain. I have  had serval cars I sold 3 or 4 times over since they did pay me my money On there cars payements etc.

  I got go repo an ford truck I sold since they 2 monlths late on payements etc. There hiding from me and moved from adress etc. I paid 2000 for truck and sold for 4600 to those peaple. I got 1300 cash from them On truck. I need get 700 bucks etc to get my money back from truck . The rest is profit.

 Your correct I need get rid off that 1960 cadillac since its always driving me. That may why I let guy haul his 62 car off. I did not want try sale again etc since it took two years before I sold the first time. It may have taken another year or two years I before I could sold that 1962 eldo an secord time.

 Those two cars are so hard sale compared me selling 100 or 150 cars since I bought them both.  

 I am pro used car dealer etc But those old cadillacs I cant move.

 Maybe your right those cars have curses etc On them. It caused me tons problems In last 3 years I have had any dealing with them.

 To add to problem I have running and driving wrecked with 1976 cadillac. I cant sale car ither. I priced at 600 bucks or 500. Two cars peaple dont want.

 The 1976 they dont want it since it wrecked and get maybe 6 miles gallon. In south texas peaple dont want like stampie and his engine swap stuff.  In south texas I cant find buyer wants an strong running 500 big block cadillac engine for engine swap.

 If 350 chevy or 454 chevy I could sold already. I dont know why peaple want strong running 500 cadillac engine or 1976 rebuilder that needs front clip. etc.


robert p millian


As you know,you and I have been communicating via email for months regarding your 60 Eldo dilemma and although I have tried to give you some good advice,I would suggest you take the additional advice you received from the members who responded to your ordeal.

Best of luck


dale jackson 20895

 Trust me I am working Moving tons parts out of building on ebay. I have moved out all 61 thru 62 cadillac parts and sold them.  I Have dumped maybe 25 items etc In last monlth on ebay.

 I been listing lots parts etc In large lots and price low to move etc becides trying list each item etc on ebay. I have sold maybe 20 items out 25 items so far. I am trying best I can to clean out 3 building full etc Of my junk etc.

 I have trailers etc already to start filling up with scrap metal etc where I haul it scrap metal guys etc.

 Junk like house junk etc. I may try call auction etc to sale that junk.

 I have 3 building full of stuff On 5 acres land. If clean up house where I store all my 1960 eldo trim etc. I can rent it for maybe 300 to 400 per molnth.

 My secord building thats an two gargare car etc. Where I stored my 1960 and 1962 car. I could rent also to an storage building If I move the 60 car somewhere. Its like mini wharehouse. I could rent out etc.

  My two story house has 2500 foot shop space etc there where I work On parts etc and the 60 car to get sold etc.  Thats main building I am trying sale Off its 59 thru 64 cadillac parts and ford junk I have.

 My father moved In my house etc. He helping keep bills paid etc intill I do something Or get something going. Trust me I am working hard to try get this taken care of. I been listing maybe 3 or 4 items per day On ebay no stop. I been running back forth On packing stuff etc and get to ship and sold.

  Statsus On my 1960 eldo convertible is.  I may have traded an my 1976 cadillac as even swap for 1960 fleetwwod rust bucketc etc To get all parts needed that build that 60 car etc.

 Face It I cant sale car or do anything with it if missing parts or junk damaged etc and I can throw back tothethoer etc. Peaple will not buy that car In milion parts etc like it is. I have flooded the market in net trying move that car in parts etc.

 I have get car bolted back up etc , trans, dash, seats etc installed front clip, doors etc since bare body shell On rolling chassis.  I think I move it if bolted up back up etc. Its still an mess In milion peices

 The 1960 fleetwodd I will haul It scrap metal guys etc after I strip it Of stuff I need etc. It will sold by the pound as scrap metal to move it. Its junk for sure. They cut fins from car already and its bad rusted out etc and some parts missing already.  It worst parts car I ever saw etc. Its trashed for sure.

 With pile On junk 60 I get the front frame mount I need , Innner fender, The complete under hood ac system, Trans with driveshaft, Under car brake cable, Brake drum guts etc , Dash Junk under dash etc, All the bolts etc and fasteners needed to bolt my car back etc.  Door guts etc.

 I think I sale the car for 150 to scrap metal guys and maybe be able sale Maybe 150 to 1000 worth junk from it etc . Powervent moters and wiring setup etc sold for 400 bucks On ebay last week. I dont man But it junk car for sure. It worst junk I ever saw.

 All I know I been working no stop try clean out my 3 building full vintage cadillac parts etc. I even bought chevy parts etc and been selling them as cadillac repro parts to help pay for the ebay fees etc Ebay is expensive thses days.

 I need go back work cleaning ans shorting out parts etc to get ready for next round Of auction etc. Where I dump it all little by litlle. I got go ship more stuff. I been moving lots parts so far. Last week I sold out on 61 thru 62 cadillac parts minus my complete rebuilt ac system for car. Maybe this week I can sale Out 59, 63 or 64 parts etc . I know for sure I selling out all ford nos stock etc this week. I still Have all Cadillac parts with My jeep parts etc to sale out.

 Look under chevrolet454ss name. Who may find something you like.

 Have dale

denise 20352

  I dont think that Dale did anything wrong, with the trim issue.  He sold the car to someone who never picked it up after 9 months, as I recall.  I would have placed storage charges on it, taken out a mechanics lien and repossessed the car, trim and all, long before 9 months were up.

  Have to agree about getting rid of the car, though.  Theres nothing like having a daily source of aggravation on wheels around.  No car has ever made my life miserable like my 2004 Mercury, and so far I have tried taking it back, selling it, writing to Ford, filing a lemon law suit, leaving it out to be stolen, screaming, crying, writing my congressman, having it repossessed, and then finally having to put it under a cover and just treat the payments like a tax.  My opinion is that anyone who has a chance of getting of a problem car without further spending, regardless of the investment that he may have in it already, is better off than I am.  Sell it, burn it, drive it over a cliff or whatever, just dont spend any more time or money on it.