68 eldo rotors/bearings/ball joints

Started by kevin penberg, July 19, 2006, 09:59:10 AM

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kevin penberg

Does anyone have a good source for the early front drive parts?  I can no longer drive my car because of the above mentioned parts.  New or used are ok.  I cant believe that this stuff isnt out there.

Thank you


585 325 6537

denise 20352

  partsamerica.com seems to have the bearings, if SKF CBR2/A2 CRA or SKF CBR2/A5 CRA BEARING is correct.  There are also probably generic bearings that you can use, SKF, Timken or whomever from a bearing supply store.

   I know I found the brake rotors somewhere before...maybe Kanter?

   partsamerica.com also appears to have the ball joints.

Hope this helps


Wm Link

You are probably thinking of what I call the 2nd generation design that covered 1969 all the way up to 1978...the first generation stuff 66 (oldsmobile)-68 is nearly impossible to find.

denise 20352

  The year that I looked up was 1968.

kevin penberg

Ill let you know.  so far no luck.


kevin penberg

I think Im 1st generation, 1968, and impossible to find...


kevin penberg


Wouldnt it be nice if our parts were on the shelf everywhere?


Denise 20352

  They used to be.  What do you suppose happened?

  I have a theory.  In addition to being responsible for the popularity of cocaine use, public homosexuality, and ten years of stagnation in the music industry, DISCO is the reason that we cant get parts.

  OK, maybe it seems silly, but have you noticed how much difficult it is to find parts for cars made before the disco era?  ;)


Lars Langoy


I hade the same question some time ago:
http://www.cadillacpower.com/forum/index.php/topic,3679.0.html TARGET=_blank>http://www.cadillacpower.com/forum/index.php/topic,3679.0.html

I my opinion it looks like a newer setup is the best way to go.