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Where is the VIN on the 1956 Caddy?

Started by Jerry, September 20, 2006, 11:26:49 AM

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Hi all,

My first Post. Im trying to locate the VIN number locations on a 1956 Cadillac, Style 56-6239DX. Obviously on the registration and second somewhere on the engine. Anything more specific would be greatly appreciated.


Philippe M. Ruel

The VIN is stamped on the frame, right (passenger) side, it can be seen from the top, next to the right engine mount. It is often covered with dirt.
If your car is matching numbers, engine number and VIN are the same. Engine number is on a flat boss, front right of the engine, next to the generator.


There should be an aluminum tag on the passanger side firewall that gives serial # plus paint & trim codes. There is a flat spot on the passanger side of the engine block near the waterpump that has the number stamped in it as well. If you need to Decode your VIN for free then try it now Vinpit VIN decoder.


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The VIN number, BTW, is not on the firewall body tag (data plate).  There is also a plastic lube tag screwed to the left front door pillar that displays the "VIN" number, which in the case of Cadillacs of this vintage is called the motor number.  These tags being plastic are often missing, or painted over.
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