1954 series 75 Door Lock problem

Started by Doug Lemon, December 25, 2006, 06:42:30 PM

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Doug Lemon

My front passenger side door  wont open after haveing locked it and unlocking it.The door lock  knob  goes up and down  and  I have tried unlocking with the  key   and the handle from inside...Any suggestions...Doug


Sounds like the key lock linkage became disconnected from the locking mechanism.

Can you remove your door panel to reach into the door and manually move the lock mechanism?



Ho,Ho,Ho, young Dougie,I have been sitting here at my work bench,at the north pole,reflecting on your door problem, well lock problem anyway.I think I can help you,now is your cadi right hand drive,meaning the the passenger door is really on the left hand side of your car, or is the steering wheel on the left hand side,which would indicate your passenger door is on the right.Now once you  have worked that out, stand at the front of your car and see if the the right and the left hand doors are still in the same position,now is it still the passenger door which is causing the trouble,hoping this will help you. happy new year from all.


Peter (Blo   y)Waite  next time you try and get in my car  be it the passenger side  or drivers  side    left hand drive   right hand drive  you will be  ending up in the  boot  or trunk.......Doug ,,, Happy New Year


Problem solved,,,I could not get the door panel off,but after inspecting the other doors   and the latching mechanisim I decided to get a can of wd40 with the plastic tube   and spray from   all angles   and   after a minute or so   the door sprang  open....Doug

Cadillac Joe

         What a great story. Good luck. WD-40 is amazing.

JIM CLC # 15000

Hello, I cant say enough good about WD-40.
If it moves and its not suppose to:Duct tape it.
If it is suppose to move and dosent: WD40 it.
Good Luck,JIM